Noria EVO:S


Noria EVO:S sand filters series are engineered for superior performance utilising sand or Focus Zeolite.

The EVO:S series will provide perfectly clean, clear and sparkling water for many years. The EVO:S sand filter perfectly matches the higher output of Noria POD pumps providing a supreme choice for pool equipment.

The spun fibreglass tank provides larger capacity and higher flow rate enabling more effective filtration – reducing running time and costs. The unique design of the EVO:S provides unrivalled strength and durability to ensure maximum life and trouble free operation making it perfectly compatible with in-floor cleaning systems.

Clever engineering means the 6 position multi-port valve perfectly aligns and fits without special tools, and the filter has self-sealing barrel unions. These unions make inspection or changing of the filter media user-friendly.

Backwashing of the EVO:S takes mere minutes due to the intelligently designed laterals which ensure water flow is swift and the filter media cleaned quickly and effectively.

The EVO:S sand filter is part of a range of intensively researched, high quality, connected products that work in harmony to ensure the pool or spa is easy to maintain and ready for use at any time.


  • Diameter: 650mm

  • Valve: 40mm

  • Flow Rate*: 250

  • Sand Capacity: 225kg

  • Zeolite Capacity: 135kg


  • Diameter: 650mm

  • Valve: 50mm

  • Flow Rate*: 283

  • Sand Capacity: 225kg

  • Zeolite Capacity: 135kg


  • Diameter: 800mm

  • Flow Rate*: 400

  • Sand Capacity: 320kg

  • Zeolite Capacity: 240kg


  • Diameter: 900mm

  • Flow Rate*: 400

  • Sand Capacity: 400kg

  • Zeolite Capacity: 300kg

*Flow rate is measured in litres per minute

Noria EVO:S Dimensions

Turnover Performance


Each filter is covered by a limited 10 year warranty on the tank and a 12 month warranty on the valve and internal components. The instruction manual that accompanies the EVO:S sand filter provides more information.