Get the balance right

Formed in 1991, the Focus brand is synonymous with quality and performance in the industry and have since expanded to an international network.

The brand is exclusive through a network of professional pool shops, qualified service technicians and superior builders. 

The Focus philosophy is simple: service, integrity, competitive pricing and technical excellence. Vision, compassion, courage and character are the cornerstones upon which these are built on each day and with every endeavour.

The company’s consistent growth over recent years is due to customer loyalty and the ongoing commitment to developing new and innovative products. Customer satisfaction and support benefits are the center points of all strategic contents.

Experienced in providing a superior range of unique blends and formulas, Focus invests extensively in the research and development facilities, keeping the company at the forefront of new technology and ensuring innovative products at competitive prices. This is further enhanced by an inquisitive approach which renders exceptional products with confidence. Focus’ product range covers speciality chemicals, a full range of high performance pool and spa equipment, cleaning accessories, water testing facilities, water analysis technology and PVC pipe & fittings.

Focus Products are committed to the development of technology and reliable, energy efficient equipment. In anticipation of future market needs, as a company Focus are dedicated to product innovation and market leadership to ensure clients' needs are met.

Focus are passionate about water and helping pool and spa owners "get the balance right" through the Waterearth® environmental initiative. Focus believe that pool owners can maximise their swim time, reduce their maintenance time and minimise their pool's impact on the environment through professional advice. This advice delivers to owners correct water balancing techniques, efficient and effective sanitation and the reduction of water wastage.

The market leading Liqua® technology effortlessly analyses water quality and provides easy to use reports on any adjustments required. The new generation of smarter software, services and systems is part of the ongoing commitment to develop stronger and more profitable independent pool and spa professionals.

Quality, value and dedication is achieved through the “connected thinking” program which ensures the Focus Research & Development team constantly find new ways to do things

Swim more. Work less.

Why does pool care seem like a chore?

Why does it seem like you kids are always waiting

for somebody to make sure the pool is safe for

swimming? At Focus we believe you should be able

to Relax knowing your pool is balanced and ready

for a swim when you are.

Pool and Spa Chemicals

Focus is synonymous with outstanding pool chemicals for the Australian climate. From a product of the imagination to the end result, Focus takes quality and efficiency to the next level. Any pool problem can find its solution within the Focus range of innovative products. This is further enhanced by the constant involvement of the Focus R&D team and their inquisitive approach. Can it be better? If so, how? When? Where? This means that every time you use a Focus chemical in your customers' pool, you do so with confidence. Focus unique formulas are tried, tested and proven to work!

Equipment & Accessories

Introducing the new range of performance pool and spa equipment by Focus. The Noria range of pumps, chlorinator and filters have been developed by Focus Products to bring a new level of performance and style to the pool and spa equipment market. The high performance range has been intelligently designed to easily meet the most demanding requirements. With quality materials and workmanship all Noria equipment works in harmony ensuring pools and spas are easy to maintain and ready for use at any time. All Noria equipment comes with extensive warranties backed by the service and support of Focus Products - an Australian owned company delivering the complete partnership solution to the pool and spa industry.


Being the complete solutions supplier means providing pool builders and stores with PVC Pipes and Fittings for the ever growing pool market. All Focus PVC pressure pipes are manufactured from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride polymer (known as UPVC). This product is a high quality thermo-plastic material using the extrusion process. Being a wholly owned Australian Company, Focus Products will continue to support Australian businesses by partnering with a national Australian blue-chip manufacturer. All Focus PVC products are made in Australia and in accordance to the Australian standard 1477 (AS1477).