Focus Powercide4 4 in 1 Algae Treatment is a multi-tasking product that can be used for the removal of blackspot algae in swimming pools, the clean up of green algae, the clean up of mustard algae, prevention of blackspot, prevention of green algae and winterising.

Active Constituent

Cationic Algicide Benzalkonium Chloride (100g/pl) and Organocopper Complex (50g/pl)


1lt, 5lt, 20lt


  1. Regular use will help overcome problems caused by algae which increase chlorine demand.

  2. Assists chlorinator cells to cope with increase in demand particularly during Summer.

  3. Controls algae, bacteria and fungi in swimming pools and ornamental water.

  4. Particularly effective on green, red, brown and black algae.

  5. Does not interfere with filter operation.

  6. May be used as a long term algicide or winteriser.

  7. Algaestat properties help keep algae in a dormant stage.